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Surprising Places: Living and Learning in Less Popular Destinations


Travelling is not just about having fun;it is actually the best time to discover and learn new things. Education is extended far beyond the classroom,which is why students must have the chance to experience things outside the four corners of the school.

krakowSurprising countries

Aspiring scientists may visit CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, which is truly exciting and life changing.While it is true that there are a number of wonderful places in the world, there are unexpected places that offer exceptional learning to students such as:

• Iceland – The land of fire and ice, presents unique learning opportunities for students who are taking Geography. They will have the opportunity to view volcanic lunar landscapes, pouring waterfalls, spouting geysers, breathtaking glaciers and geothermal features.

• Russia – Students are surely interested to visit this country for the fairy tales like St. Basil’s Cathedral, notable landmarks and attractions where they can explore history.

• United Kingdom – The UK has destinations that can expose students in all subjects, from Science to Arts and Design and all other curriculum.

School trip specialist noted the importance of making learning fun, enjoyable and innovative for students and teachers. It added that trips must bring the school’s curriculum to life.

Different method of teaching

Students deem history as a boring subject probably because of the traditional way the teacher explains the topics. That is the reason it is highly advisable to conduct a trip to historical places such as:

• Battlefield – Visiting the battlefield helps students to understand the things that happened from 1914 to 1918.

• Krakow – The prehistoric place can help students learn and understand what occurred during World War II.

Trips have been a part of education for years as it offers incredible knowledge for students. It is advisable to seek the help of trip organisers to plan it safely and carefully.

Steel Gates vs. Aluminium Gates—Which is Better?

gate installation

gate installationWhen it comes to materials for gates and fences, there are only two kinds that really standout—aluminium and steel. Both offer numerous benefits, but you cannot always have both at the same time for your main gate at home. Read on for more information about the two to determine which is better for your home.

Aluminium Gates

One popular material used for ornamental gates is aluminium. It helps keep children and pets within the confines of the property and serves as a deterrent against burglars, thieves, and other criminals. With an aluminium gate installed, you don’t have to deal with complicated cleaning methods. You only have to wash it directly with water to clean the dirt and dust.

Advantages of Aluminium Gates

Cheaper – for people on a tight budget, aluminium is the better choice.

Resistant to Corrosion – Aluminium steel does not rot and is resistant to rust. It can last several decades without any hint of degradation.

Ease of Maintenance – Does not require painting and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

Galvanised Steel Gates

The use of galvanised steel is quite popular for ornamental fencing because of its strength. When it is galvanised, it simply means that the steel has been coated with a layer of zinc that protects it from corrosion and rust. This material is a great alternative to wrought iron fencing—the two materials are very similar, but galvanised steel gates are more cost-effective.

Gates made out of galvanised steel are available in a wide array of designs and colours. Homeowners use them as a decoration because of its stylish appearance.

Advantages of Steel Gates

Strength – Steel fences are considerably sturdier and heavier, which means they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, as well as years of wear and tear.

Aesthetics – From an aesthetic standpoint, a lot of people prefer the appearance of steel because of its close resemblance to the classic wrought-iron gates.

Warranty – The fact that these gates are very strong and dependable allows manufacturers to offer extended warranties.

As to the question regarding which of the two is better? While both offer numerous benefits, aluminium gates actually fair better. It can provide the similar advantages as with steel fencing, but is more affordable and low-maintenance.

Divorce on a Budget: Self-Help and Attorney Consultations

law offices

law officesA marriage separation is a very stressful and emotionally draining phase in life. Even if both parties have decided to part ways, it is not always easy. In most cases, the situation can be both overwhelming and costly.

But, it is possible to at least lessen the financial burden during a divorce. This will involve a combination of advice from a licensed and good attorney and cooperation from both the parties involved.

As most reliable divorce lawyers will advise you, the most economical way to go through a divorce is by reaching a mutual amicable settlement between the parties involved.

According to the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, the following approach can make the separation less costly:

• They should be able to mutually agree on the child custody and alimony amicably, without any third party involvement.
• With a little mediation, they should reach a consensus on the division of assets and other important information related to the separation.
• A neutral third party involvement with a little help from your lawyer will be less costly than a lengthy litigation process. But, you need to hire a lawyer to advise you on your rights and prevailing laws related to divorce.
• If you decide not to hire a lawyer and want to file the papers independently after researching on self-help separation information, you will still need to consult a legal expert. In such a case, you can choose a lawyer who offers free or low cost initial consultation to get professional advice on your case.
• This kind of consultation is advisable because should a problem arise later in your case, you can hire the same professional, as he is already familiar with your case.
• In some special cases, legal help is available for cash strapped individuals, especially if the case goes to trial. You can check if you and your spouse are eligible for such aid.

While this kind of mediation is the best way forward, there are some separations, which include marriages with a history of abuse and violence. In such cases, one spouse might be very fearful of the other, making any discussion impossible even with third party intervention. Legal help will be necessary in these situations.

When a Kitchen isn’t a Kitchen, but still a Kitchen

kitchen designs

kitchen designsMany design firms are currently supporting a trend of design known as Contemporary Kitchen Design. It is becoming very popular, and the people who paid good money for it enjoy what they got in return. But, what exactly is contemporary kitchen design, and how is it different from traditional kitchen design?

Contemporary Conundrum

Renowned kitchen fitting specialist Kitchen Matters explains that the main goal of a contemporary kitchen is that it does not look like a kitchen. Instead, it relies on the traditional look of a kitchen to create a refreshing look.

People are so accustomed to what a kitchen should look like that the simplest change makes a big difference. Designing a contemporary kitchen involves altering one facet of the kitchen just enough to make it look unique, without disturbing its function and efficiency.

The question is, where does a designer even start?

Material World

A good launching pad is deciding the materials for the design. Traditional kitchens need materials that can withstand much of the rigours of daily cooking life without wearing out. That means being resistant to spills, oils, burns, and knives. This creates a standard list of materials that include tiles, marble, and granite.

Contemporary designers need to find a material that can do everything traditional materials can do, and look good doing it. Most people would never consider it, but wood is a good material as kitchen countertops, cabinets, and even refrigerator doors. Designers can get even more creative with the choice of materials to make better and exciting new kitchens.

Out of Place

The second aspect of a contemporary kitchen is the layout. Kitchens do not necessarily have a standard layout, but many fall into a mould for the sake of efficiency. The sink is next to the stove, the dishwasher and stove beneath them, and everything facing the refrigerator.

A good system allows for maximum activity with limited movement and space. But, there are designs that achieve the same thing, without following that mould. Shifting one kitchen appliance with another may be enough of a change to make it look good without compromising its effectiveness. It all depends on the space allotted for the kitchen, and the creativity of the designer.

Central A/C system: Keeping Your Home Cool and Pollution-Free

air conditioning systems

air conditioning systemsMany homeowners prefer central air conditioning systems due to the number of benefits they offer compared to conventional A/Cs. The overall costs of central A/Cs may be daunting at first, but the payoff is definitely worth the money.

Central air-conditioning systems offer either whole-house or large-commercial-space cooling. Also, with air-louver-control boxes, they often have moderate multi-zone temperature control feature.

Here are some benefits central air conditioners can offer their users:

• The surrounding air is pulled into the air handler unit through return air ducts from each room. This air is filtered; thus, removing all airborne particles such as dust, pollen, allergens, lint, pet dander, and other pollutants. This filtered and clean air is then routed back to the rooms by a separate ductwork system. Thus, central air conditioning systems send cool air through these ducts or vents located in each room.
• The condenser, fan, and compressor of a central A/C system are located in a completely different outdoor unit that you can place wherever you want. This leads to less or no noise.
• They are much easier to handle and operate, as the system is controlled by a single console that can be customized and programmed to run at the time and temperature you set. The air cleaning filters of centralized air conditioning unit are very efficient and can be easily replaced.
• The aesthetics of your home remain unaffected when you install a central A/C system, unlike a conventional single-room A/C installed on the windows. As the former is not immediately obvious, it doesn’t affect the view of the house from both the outside and the inside. This maintains the modern look of your house.

Many home A/C experts suggest going for this type of air conditioning system to enjoy the following advantages. Apart from getting a good quality A/C system, maintain your indoor air quality to keep everyone at home disease-free.

Sun Protection: Saving Your Skin from Damage


The sun’s warmth gives off a relaxing feeling. But, too much exposure to the sun can cause severe damages. It can make your skin age faster, giving you wrinkles and age spots. Over time, the sun’s UV rays will start damaging the elastin fibers in your skin, making it stretch, sag and lose its elasticity. You may even get bruises easily.

As more people begin to understand the damaging effects of the sun, the demand for sun protection products will continue to increase.

beachAlthough some types of skin problems may no longer be irreparable, there are ways to prevent further damage. You can go for sunscreens that prevent the UV rays from damaging your skin through their chemical ingredients. These sunscreens come with SPFs or sun protection factors. Typically, it takes about 20 minutes for your skin to get burnt by the sun. So, a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 would protect your skin for about 5 hours. Most dermatologists recommend SPF 30.

Neutrogena Philippines offers the following tips on how to prevent sun damage:

  • Before exposing your skin to the sun, you need to apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 half an hour before going out. In case you are swimming or sweating, repeat this step every 2 hours or so.
  • The cosmetic products you use and even the contact lens you wear should offer UV protection.
  • When going out, wear sunglasses that offer complete UV protection.
  • Minimize your skin’s sun exposure by wearing shirts with long sleeves, pants and wide-brimmed hats.
  • It is better not to go out from 10 am to 2 pm, as these are peak UV radiation hours. But, if you need to go, use some sun protection products.
  • Avoid tanning beds at all costs.

Exposure to the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your skin protected and examine it for any unusual spots.

Customize Your Own Home: A Choice for Homebuyers

home building

home buildingWhen it comes to homes, buyers usually have two options. You can either buy an already built one or, if you want it to be personalized, you can get a custom home instead. Ready built homes, while offering you the convenience of simply moving in, may not give you enough satisfaction, especially if you want specific designs in your property. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a custom-built home:

Control over Design

When you choose to get a custom-built home, you will have full control over the design aspect of the property. Unlike ready-built homes where you are left with what has already been designed and constructed, custom-built properties give you the opportunity to really build the home of your dreams., one of the trusted names in home building in Melbourne, suggests working with a custom home contractor and their architect to design a property that fits your specifications and budget.

Unique and Original

It is not uncommon for ready built homes to be mass produced. In a neighborhood, there may be lines of houses with the same design and amenities. If you want to stand out from the crowd of roofs that dot the suburban landscape, then building a custom home will give you that satisfaction. You can either work on an original design or integrate what you want with existing architectural templates to create a home that is truly unique and original.

Sturdy Materials

When you go for a custom home, you also have full control about the type of materials used. This is not possible with ready built homes because the price is already tied up with the materials used. In custom-built homes, you can choose different materials with specific properties to complement what you want not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also from a functional one as well. For instance, it is common for ready built homes to use a gravel line driveway. While this may be more affordable, it has its own set of issues. You have the option to use concrete in your driveway rather than gravel alone, which gives you more flexibility, especially if you are going to expose it to higher traffic.

Promoting a Good Night’s Sleep with Waterbeds

WaterbedA good night’s sleep is important for the mind and body. It recharges you for another day, so any kind of interruption could make you grumpy and less attentive. Many homeowners believe that the best way to solve this is by promoting an ideal environment for sleeping. If you’re looking for a good mattress, why not try a soft-side or hard-side waterbed to get the following benefits:

For Sleep Disorders

Many external factors can affect a good night’s sleep, like the bed. It should support the entire body, not make it difficult for you to go into a restful state. If you keep on tossing and turning at night, it’s probably time for you to buy a new mattress.

According to furniture shops like Actionwood, and Sleep Like the Dead, a sleep product research site, waterbeds have a lifespan of nine to 20 years. It’s a good investment for every homeowner, as it’s a quick and more affordable solution than taking medications for sleep disorders.

Mental Health

Sleeping on waterbeds decreases mental fatigue and stress levels, allowing you to feel refreshed every time you wake up. It can make you more motivated to start your day. As the body is made of up to 75% water, it also helps balance the Zen or your inner energy, stamina, and zeal.

Back Pain

According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million people in the US experience low-back pain at some point in their lives. It’s among the reasons why they skip work and spend at least $50 billion on treatment yearly. Back pain is also the leading cause of disabilities worldwide. Preventing this condition is simple, though. All you need is to sleep in a bed that supports the spine and does not put undue pressure on any part of your body while you’re supposed to be resting.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. If you feel uncomfortable while sleeping, you might need to change a few things in your bedroom to solve this. It pays to invest now, rather than spend money on treatments later.

Customising Your Vehicle via Tinting

car window tint

car window tintSo, you have just bought the car of your dreams. Then you realize your newly bought vehicle is not the only one in the world. There could be many others with similar models rolling on the roads. In this case, how can you make your car uniquely yours?

Yes, you could buy unique accessories for your dream wheels. But why not consider tinting it as well? Not only will tinting your car make the model stand out, but it will also offer several practical advantages.

According to Tint Works, the following are some of the benefits of tinting:

• helps keep the sunlight away and reduces the heat generated within the vehicle
• offers protection against the harmful UV rays radiated by the sun that are known to cause skin cancer
• offers excellent privacy as no one can see from the outside
lowers the risk of theft of some valuables you might have left in the car
• makes your car look stylish in any weather

You can choose from different types of tints available to suit your car. Some of the popular types include:

• Dyed tinting film – made of polyester layer and dye layer glued together. This is ideal, if the blackest tinting is required.
• Hybrid tinting film – dyed tinting film with metal combined into it. This is regarded as a good choice for its charcoal shade.
• Carbon tinting film – highly practical, as it blocks infra-red rays and is highly durable.
• Ceramic tinting film – composed of nano-ceramic technology. It is better at blocking heat and UV rays, but does not darken the window like dyed or hybrid films.
• Crystalline tinting film – the best choice, as it is clear yet offers good heat reduction.

Choose one among the available car tinting films based on the performance required. With this, you will boost your car’s appearance considerably. You will enjoy functional benefits, too.

FCA Compliance Training: What Every Firm Should Keep in Mind

compliance training

compliance trainingAll staff within firms who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are required to have a certain level of knowledge regarding the regulatory environment and their regulatory obligations. However, directors, senior management, internal compliance staff and financial advisers will need a higher level of knowledge than the administration staff.

Financial advisers need to carry out 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year, of which at least 21 hours must comprise ‘structured CPD’, i.e. formal study, courses, seminars, and workshops, among others. says applications for CCL renewal require a specific amount of training.

Thus, a firm needs to understand areas such as:

• The FCA rules relevant to their business activities
• The compliance procedures that need to be in place
• What ‘treating customers fairly’ means
• What having a ‘compliance culture’ within a firm means
• How it should describe its services
• The information that needs to be provided to clients
• The advice standards expected
• What to consider when reviewing a client file
• How advisers’ competence should be monitored
• The compliance records that need to be maintained
• How management information should be used to aid decision making
• How risks should identified and managed
• The FCA’s reporting requirements
• What a complaint is, and how one should be handled
• What a suspicious transaction is, and how one should be handled
• The potential consequences of non-compliance

It is also important to repeat your training on a regular basis. It could be an annual update. Changes in the regulatory environment occur regularly, and the knowledge imparted in a training session can be forgotten over time, so regular refresher sessions are vital.

Carrying out training can also help staff morale and retention levels. So, look for organisations with many years of experience in providing training to regulated firms on their compliance obligations.